Scientific programme – search tool

Welcome to the EAACI Congress 2012 search tool for the scientific programme. Below you can find all sessions and accepted speakers.

There are two ways to find the session or speaker you are looking for, via the drop down menus or via free text search. Your matched results will be listed below indicating day and time for when the session is taking place. To view more details and all speakers, click on each session.

Drop down menu
You may select either a topic or a session type, or you may select one choice in each menu to narrow your result.

Free text search
The free text search can not be combined with the menu selections. You may enter a name, a key word or phrase and press “search”. Please note that all special characters in the titles and names must be entered exactly the same in order to find a match. These can be copied and pasted: å, ä, á, ç, ë, é, è, í, ñ, ö, ø, ó, ò, ş, š, ü

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