Poster discussion presentation guidelines

Please note that all poster discussion presenters should prepare both a poster and a brief PowerPoint presentation for the session. Please find the instructions for the poster preparation below; the instructions for preparing the PowerPoint presentation will be sent to the corresponding author of the abstract closer to the Congress.

Location, mounting and removal
The poster discussions are held in the morning and in the afternoon in two different session rooms, and the posters are displayed inside these rooms. All authors are responsible for mounting and removing their own posters.

Mounting material will be provided inside the session rooms. The posters must be mounted at least 30 minutes before the start of the session since the rooms are open for poster viewing:
Morning session 10:30-12:00 – posters should be mounted between 08:30 and 10:00
Afternoon session 13:30-15:00 – posters should be mounted between 12:00 and 13:00

All poster discussion presenters must remove their poster immediately after the end of the session, including all poster-mounting material. The Congress Organisers will not accept any responsibility for posters or other material left in the poster discussion session rooms.

Poster material
The maximum size of your poster should be 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (height), portrait style. Your poster number will be displayed with large printed figures in a corner of the poster board. Your poster material should be attached on the surface by materials which will be provided to you by the Congress staff in the poster discussion session rooms.

Text layout
Give a short and comprehensive review of the basic items of your study. Divide your text into several clearly delineated paragraphs and sections such as Introduction or Aim of Study, Materials and Methods, Result and Conclusions. Remember that it is easier to read a paragraph of six lines or less. Your poster text should be enlarged so that it can be read at a distance of about one metre.

Illustration layout
Drawings, diagrams and photos are very helpful and often necessary to display results and conclusions. Make sure that your illustrations are easy to understand; do not overload any chart or drawing with information.

Conflict of interest
A disclosure of conflict of interest* must be included on the Poster. It should be placed either on the top or the bottom of the poster and state one of the below:

In relation to this presentation, I declare the following, real or perceived conflicts of interest:


In relation to this presentation, I declare that there are no conflicts of interest.

Poster printing service
In co-operation with PosterSessionOnline, the Congress offers a printing and delivery service. Create your poster, there are several templates available on-line, get it printed and shipped to Geneva. Your poster will be waiting to be collected in the bag distribution desk when you come to the Congress. For more information, instructions and prices, please click the button below:

PowerPoint presentation
The PowerPoint presentation must be uploaded at the Speakers' Preview Room, please find location and opening hours here.

A disclosure of conflict of interest slide must also be included in the PowerPoint Presentation. Read more and down-load a template here.