Dear friends and colleagues,

The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) kindly invites you to attend the EAACI Congress 2012 which will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, 16 - 20 June 2012.

Geneva is centrally located in Europe, at the crossroads between east and west as well as north and south. Historically, Geneva has also been at the crossroads of many major events, as early as during the roman empire and, later with Jean Calvin. During its history, Geneva has developed a unique hospitality, welcoming refugees from around Europe and in turn, largely benefiting from these refugees for establishing scientific knowledge, as well as commercial and banking excellence. More recently in the twentieth Century, Geneva developed with organisations such as the UN and the International Red Cross, to become a major center at the crossroads of humanitarian actions and political discussions, aiming to improve the well being of mankind.

By having the EAACI Congress 2012 under the theme “At the Crossroads of Research, Practice and Education”, we emphasise Geneva’s specificities and would like to contribute to excellent scientific exchanges between all participants: faculty members, delegates and exhibitors. The Local Organising Committee, which includes members of all major Swiss allergy centers, as well as the EAACI Scientific Committee under the lead of Lars K. Poulsen, has established a programme which will meet your expectations
as a researcher, a practicing allergist, as well as an educator. Together, we worked very hard to establish a programme originating from suggestions from the membership, the Interest Groups and the Sections. Our main focus is to give the opportunity to young members of our community to present their research, as well as to promote new topics in our field.

The city of Geneva is most convenient for a medical congress. The convention center is a modern facility closely connected by an only sixminute ride by train to the center of the city. In addition, delegates will appreciate free public transportation throughout the city.

During your stay, take the opportunity to have at least a few hours stroll in the beautiful parks on the lake shore or in the old town of Geneva, or perhaps extend your visit to some of the famous places such as the Chillon Castle, Gruyere, or Chamonix, all only within one hour’s distance from Geneva .

Each delegate is unique to us, and as we are looking forward to a large attendance from all over the world, we will make our best to provide you with a fruitful Congress and an enjoyable stay in Geneva. Welcome to the EAACI Congress 2012.

Philippe Eigenmann
EAACI Congress 2012 Chair
   Dear friends and colleagues, members of the allergy, asthma and clinical immunology community.

The EAACI annual Congresses aim to provide the whole world of allergy,  asthma and clinical immunology with an efficient platform to communicate
good science and novel developments. It is now time for planning of abstracts and registration, and my great pleasure to invite you to the upcoming EAACI Congress 2012. This time the best clinicians and scientists in our area will meet in Geneva, Switzerland, which will become the capital of allergy, asthma and clinical immunology between 16 and 20 June 2012 under the theme “At the Crossroads of Research, Practice and Education”.

The EAACI Scientific Programme Committee has prepared outstanding scientific sessions, including 7 Plenary sessions, 34 Symposia, 23
Workshops, 24 “Meet the Expert”, and 4 Clinical Updates. As you can see in this preliminary programme, it also includes 10 Postgraduate Courses, the EAACI-SSAI Basic Science Symposium, the European Meeting of Allergy Nurses, Patient Organisations Workshop and the PAPRICA – Prime Allergy
for the Primary Care Physicians Meeting. Of course, there will be a very wide programme with several educational sessions especially designed for Junior members.

EAACI, with more than 6’800 members from 107 countries and 41 National Allergy Societies, is growing, and so is its annual Congress. The number of delegates and the number of sessions, workshops, symposia and
presentations is steadily increasing from year to year. We aspire not only to have the biggest allergy Congress in the world, but also the most informative scientific meeting within the field of allergy and clinical immunology.

As the President of the EAACI, I would like to express my warmest gratitude to the Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology and specially to Philippe Eigenmann, EAACI Congress 2012 Chair and members of the Local Organising Committee. They are all working with full enthusiasm in organising
this event. I would also like to thank Lars K. Poulsen, Scientific Programme Committee Chair, J. Christian Virchow, Vice-President Congresses and all the EAACI Headquarters co-workers who are working for the success of this meeting.

I would like to thank you for your involvement and interest in all of the activities of our Academy, and I warmly encourage you to join us in Geneva.

I look forward to seeing you latest in the EAACI Congress in June 2012.

With my very best regards,
Cezmi Akdis
EAACI President